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Due to its range of mobility and the weight of your head, your neck is vulnerable to injury and pain. If you’re experiencing neck pain and can’t find relief from at-home treatments, the pain specialists at Metro Denver Pain Management can help. If you live in Greenwood Village, Parker, or the surrounding Colorado communities, call the office today or book an appointment online.

Neck Pain Q & A

What Causes Neck Pain?

You can develop neck pain from any number of causes.

  • Injury: Auto accidents are a common cause of neck pain due to whiplash, which is the rapid back-and-forth motion that your head endures during a collision, especially when your vehicle is struck from behind.
  • Arthritis: Over time, the cartilage between the vertebrae in your neck begins to wear down, which causes the bones to rub together and deteriorate. You may also develop bone spurs, which can irritate the nerves from your spinal cord and cause pain.
  • Nerve Compression: Nerve compression occurs when herniated discs or bone spurs press on the nerves that branch out from your spinal cord, leading to pain.
  • Muscle Strain: Overuse of your neck muscles, which can come from hours spent hunched over a computer or smartphone, may lead to muscle pain in your neck.

Certain diseases, such as cancer and rheumatoid arthritis, can also cause you to feel pain in your neck.

What are the Symptoms of Neck Pain?

Neck pain can also lead to other symptoms and pain in other areas.

Symptoms of neck pain include:

  • Neck pain that worsens when you hold your head in one position
  • A headache
  • Muscle spasms
  • Decreased range of motion in your neck

Neck pain may also cause pain, numbness, or a tingling sensation that travels down your shoulder or arm. If you’re experiencing these specific symptoms, you should call Metro Denver Pain Management for an evaluation right away.

How is Neck Pain Treated?

Your pain specialist at Metro Denver Pain Management takes a multidisciplinary approach to care and then develops an individualized treatment plan to help relieve your neck pain based on its cause and your overall health.

Common treatments for neck pain include:

  • Anti-inflammatory medications
  • Acupuncture
  • Cortisone shots
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)

Physical therapy may also be part of your treatment plan to help improve strength, flexibility, and range of motion. Your physical therapist may also be able to provide a soft collar to reduce mobility and provide short-term pain relief. Although, if it’s worn for too long, the soft collar may lead to additional neck problems, so be sure to wear it only as directed.

For medical management of your neck pain, call the experts at Metro Denver Pain Management, or use the online booking button to schedule an appointment.